Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment in Danvers, MA

Heel Pain Treatment Information
If you are experiencing heel pain–then fortunately you have come to the right place. Heel pain is one of the leading reasons that patients like you visit the Podiatrist.

Heel pain can have many causes, but it most commonly arises from overuse or repetitive stress on the foot. Pain in the heel can cause problems for you while standing, walking, and exercising. If ignored, or if activities that make it worse are not avoided, disabling pain and/or chronic problems can result. Therefore, the sooner you get appropriate treatment the better!

The pain in your heel may be traced to a common condition called plantar fasciitis, but may also be due to other ailments.
What is the Treatment for Heel Pain?

After an evaluation of your symptoms, your podiatrist will be able to identify the true cause of your heel pain and determine the best treatment plan for you. A digital X-ray or diagnostic ultrasound may be necessary to evaluate your foot structure and the severity of the injury. Occasionally an MRI will be required. A thorough evaluation of the way you walk (gait analysis) is often an important part of your visit.

Most patients with heel pain respond very well to conservative (non-surgical) treatment options. These options depend on the cause of your heel pain. If your pain persists after these measures have been tried, advanced treatments and surgical interventions are available. Most podiatrists offer a variety of extremely effective alternatives to surgery.

Whatever the cause of your heel pain, most podiatrists have a 90-95% success rate in treating patients just like you.

Imagine getting back to your normal activities or the exercise activities you enjoy the most without pain! Whether your discomfort is caused by plantar fasciitis or any other conditions, a podiatrist can provide the treatment strategies to eliminate or reduce your symptoms and to help keep the pain away!

Don’t delay getting treatment for your heel pain when help is just a phone call away! Same day appointments are often available.
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